Testing and Belt Promotions

Skills examination and Belt/Rank Promotions are our way of assessing and acknowledging how much progress each student makes in their Martial Arts journey. Students are judged on how well they demonstrate the curriculum specific to their rank, in addition to how well they present themselves both inside and outside the Academay. We have high expectations of our students on and off the Martial Arts floor and progressing through the Belt Ranks takes time, commitment, dedication, hard work and a very humble attitude.

Instructor Massey with Fight to Win Team Owner and Chief Professor Steve Hall 

The Fight to Win Team has 9 Academy sites spanning both North and South Carolina!  Lead by the extremely talented and well known 3rd Degree Royce Gracie Black Belt Steve Hall, joining our team assures that you'll receive the knowledge and curriculum developed by Helio Gracie and passed down to us by his son Royce Gracie.  Sites: Charlotte (Headquarters), Denver, Belmont (Apprenticeship site under Professor Jon Plyler), Mooresville, Concord, Shelby, Spartanburg, Asheville, and Fayetteville.

Instructor Massey with Fight to Win Denver Professor and Direct Mentor Jon Plyler 

Professor Plyler has an extremely accomplished knowledge base of Gracie Jiu Jitsu and serves as the Owner and Head Instructor of the Lake Norman Academies (Denver and Mooresville), and immediate mentor Professor for the Belmont site!

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