How many times have you heard the saying that "a belt is just a strap to hold up your Gi pants?" Hang around any Dojo, Dojang, or Academy long enough and I guarantee that you'll bump into those words!  While that may be true in the sense that you should train to grow your technique and not chase belts, sometimes you want a "special" strap to hold up those Gi pants after dedicating blood, sweat and tears to developing your Martial Art over the years.  While there are many reputable companies that make quality belts, we have decided that Kataaro will be our belt maker of choice for those students who would like to upgrade to a super high quality, handmade belt for their Martial Arts studies!  Our instructors have been using Kataaro's custom handmade belts for years and have been extremely pleased with the workmanship, quality and durability of the "straps" we wrap around our waists each time we step onto the training floor.  If you'd like to check out what Kataaro has to offer for the dedicated Martial Artist, explore the link below!

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